Holy Family Hospital

(Italian Hospital)

Nazareth Hospital and NIBRS have affiliation agreements in clinical trials and new product development.  Nazareth is home to 250,000 people, and the hospital is equipped with 147 beds and over 500 staff. The hospital is now also home to biochemistry and hematology laboratories. The hospital has various departments, including childbirth and gynecology, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, urology, cosmetic surgery, emergency, radiology, cardiology, preterm birth, anesthesia, and of course research. 

The Nazareth Hospital

The hospital specializes and has developed state-of-the-art clinics and laboratories  in birthing and neonatology,  surgery for women, children, intensive care for newborns, Ear, Nose and Throat, eye diseases of the elderly and diagnostic imaging. There exists specialization and training programs for physicians and clinicians in most hospital departments, activities and scientific research, as well as education and training programs for medical students as the hospital was recently made an affiliate of the School of Medicine of the Technion.

The Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery of the Unviersity of the Medical Sciences is formally affiliated withe NIBRS-Israel  with sharing of faculty and research and over sixty collaborative publications and numerous joint projects and clinical trials between the two institutions.  It has developed a group of specialties that embraces different fields of the neurosciences and served as a support to other clinical and surgical disciplines: that include neuropathology, neurorradiology,neurophysiology,neuro-ophthalmology, neurobiochemistry, neuro-immunology, neuropsychology, neurogenetics and neuropharmacology.  It has formed specialists in these disciplines through their residence programs and national and international graduate degree courses in several disciplines. NIBRS's Scientific Director was recognized by the Republic of Cuba in the affiliation of NIBRS and the University of the Mediical Sciences of Havana Facultad "Manuel Fajardo."

The hospital provides anesthesia, geriatrics, dialysis, internal medicine, maternity and gynecology, mechanical chronic ventilation, neonatal and ICU, oncology, orthopedics, surgery, urology, allergy, cardiology, hepathology, high risk pregnancy, infections, nephrology, and neurology services.

The Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Havana, Cuba

University of Medical Sciences,

Facultad 'Manuel Fajardo'

Hospital of St Vincent DePaul

(French Hospital).